About Rheix

Move to Earn anytime and anywhere

Rheix present a game play Move-to-Earn, and you earn daily by playing.

Stand a chance to earn rewards irrespective of your location and skill level. Get Earn rare and valuable Items anytime and anywhere. It is super-easy to play and earn with moving!

Our Speciality

Complete Solutions
for Game Reality

As part of the Rheix ecosystem, our competent developers designed this "Move-to-Earn" game to provide multiple platform of earning in addition to entertaining and providing you with endless hours of fun.


Real-time integration of virtual game elements with the physical environment of the player.



Generate realistic sensations that simulate users' physical presence in a computer-generated environment.



combining technologies real and virtual settings to produce engaging and immersive experiences


Spatial Computing

Merge AR, VR, and XR with AI technologies to create a conceptual leap into the uncharted realms of Web 3.0.


Visions & Mission

Our Vision

Rheix want to make reality technology that gamifies everyday activities, turning them into captivating moving adventures. Players traverse a virtual realm, embarking on quests that enhance physical and mental well-being. As they advance, they reap rewards and unlock new challenges, fostering continuous motivation and engagement.

Our Mission

To pioneer the future of human-computer interaction by seamlessly blending the physical and digital realms through an immersive ARVRXR gaming experience powered by cutting-edge AI and spatial computing technology.


RHX Blockchain

rheix is a proof of work based digital currency that is resistant to ASIC 51% double spend protection

Asset collection

Presenting digital assets that in the future could be valuable


Remix Game will interact with AR VR XR technology equipped with AI


Every box obtained can be bought and sold via the Rheix marketplace platform

Coin Information

Here’s what you need to know about

Rheix is blockchain technology with resistent 51% double spend attack and secure asset digital, using GhostRider algorithm base on CPU and can be mine with CPU and GPU.

  • Name

    Rheix (RHX)
  • Total Supply

    21,000,000,000 RHX
  • Collateral

    850,000 RHX
  • Reward

    6,000 RHX
  • Block Time

    ~150 seconds
  • Smartnode

    56% Smartnode
    29% Miner
    15% Development
Road Map

The Journey of

Our Start Journey
Idea Generation

Rheix blockchain journey began with the conception of the initial idea, followed by development of a minimum viable product testing and iteration, security and scalability enhancements, public release, continuous improvement, and ecosystem expansion.

Q4 2023
Design, Blockchain, Listing & Development

Development blockchain, Design Web, Explorer, announcement, listing exchange, promotions

Q1 2024
Increase Community

Whitepaper, agregator, promotions, marketcap

Q2 2024
Asset Digital

Extend NFT asset in to blockchain, increase marketcap.

Q3 2024

Developing game with AI and blockchain and promotions.

Q4 2024
ARVRXR AI Spatial Computing

Integrating game with AI and blockchain into ARVRXR platform.

Q1 2025
We're keep moving from here